The first of many?

Chalkie VIPSuperVIPMEGAADMIN posted Jul 21, 17

Greetings Primals,

Detailed below is the first update for the Network. So lets get right into the neeeeeeewwwwss!

We're now 1.12

Not much to say on this. We're now running 1.12, so have fun with all the new blocks etc! The parrots are mine.

Faction Spawn Horses

There is now a small area in the Factions Spawn building that when you walk through will mount you onto a horse. This horse will disappear if you teleport out of the spawn world, disconnect, dismount or take it into certain areas such as the PvP arena.
The horse runs at around 2.5x the speed of a normal horse which should make traversing the spawn a little more fun.

The Mining World

It's back baby and with some new features to boot!
The mining world will change it's type on a very simple schedule:

  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: The Nether.
  • Wednesday: The Overworld.
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday: The End.

There will be no claiming within the mining world and the /fasttravel menu will have a randomized teleport there. Normal PvP rules apply whilst within the mining world and nothing is saved. So don't leave chests with items in there.
Every two hours, the software will check the mining world. If the current mining would is The End and the Enderdragon has been slain, a new one will be spawned.

Anti Combat Log

The Anti Combat log has been installed.
It will notify you if you have entered PvP combat (10 seconds timer). If you log out or disconnect whilst you're in combat you EXP and Inventory will drop.

Whilst in this combat status, you will be able to be attacked in "SafeZones" and won't be able to use teleport type commands.

Also installed is the anti spawn kill system. If you kill the same player more than 3 times in 30 minutes you will be kicked from the server as a warning.

Selling Items

The following items were added to the Primal Store to be sold.

  • Cactus
  • Leaves
  • Apples
  • Diamonds
  • Iron Ingots
  • Emerals
  • Gold Ingots
  • Coal Block
  • Beacon
  • Nether Quartz Ore
  • Prismarine 
  • Obsidian
  • Soul Sand
  • Slime Ball
  • Granite
  • Bricks
  • Snowball

Changes to Fly Mode

There has been some changes to Fly Mode for VIPUltras. These changes are to better protect against abuse and should not hinder the use of Fly Mode when used correctly. Whilst in Flying in Fly Mode:

  • Melee attack other players.
  • Damage another player with an arrow.
  • Empty a bucket.
  • Throw eggs.
  • Throw snowballs.
  • Throw splash potions.

Remember, you're only stopped when you're flying in Fly Mode. So if you're standing on the ground with Fly Mode on you will be fine.

Staff Mode

Helpers, Mods and Admins will have access to the new Staff Mode. It can be accessed via the /staffmode command.
Whilst in this mode you will:

  • Glowing.
  • Melee attack anything.
  • Take any damage.
  • Shoot a bow.
  • Be effected by splash potions.
  • Empty buckets.
  • Throw eggs.
  • Throw snowballs.
  • Throw splash potions.
  • Right Clicking a Bockette sign will do a seen for each player.

If you're a Mod or Admin, whilst in Staff Mode you can enable Stealth. It can be accessed via the /staffmode stealth command.
Whilst in this mode you will:

  • Be invisible to normal players.
  • Be hidden (server side).
  • No longer pick up items.
  • No longer drop items.

If you're confused or found a bug, let me know on discord. 

Network Voting

You're now able to vote on the front page to receive some free loot.
Each vote will get you on the Factions Server:

  • x1 Common Crate Key
  • x25 Chi Exp
  • x75 Vanilla Exp
  • $50

If you vote on 3 or more sites you will receive a bonus x1 Rare Crate Key!
There are no "refunds" for votes that fail. It make also take several minutes for the vote sites to send their data to enjin then from enjin to us.

If you're interested in other small changes we make that don't require a big fancy post. Check out the change-log Wiki page here.

TazedPuffz VIPVIPULTRA So if a new Enderdragon is spawned when it hits 2 hours will it drop a Enderdragon Egg as well?
zaptor I have appealed and when its gonna be appealed anyway?
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