Where art thou?

Chalkie VIPMEGA posted Jan 10, 18

Greetings Primals,

I wanted to make this post to update you all on the current status of the network along with answering some questions you may have had about the lack of activity in the last two months of 2017.

Lack Of Updates

The lack of updates since November 2017 can be attributed to a single person, me (Chalkie). As some of you may have seen, the month prior we were showing off parts of the new gamemode Space Combat.
It was decided after beta testing that we wanted to change up the game and how the gamemode was handled by adding in 4 classes and ground vehicles. This took time to not only implement, but also create the assets needed for this expansion (vehicle, weapons, etc models).

It was then decided near completion that we should have a second map/mode on launch rather then the single one as well as starting work on a second different gamemode known internally as Primal Hordez.

Everything thing was going full steam until I had an accident in the last weeks of November that had me stuck in bed until the second week of this year.
When the accident happened, I alerted the currently active staff and builders that they would have to work on without me as I wasn't able to use my PC.

I want to personally thank the Helpers and Mods that kept everything together whilst I was "away" as well as people like TazedPuffz, Vilusion, Aesc, bgolbari and Onoya who continued to show their support even with the issues listed above.

Lack Of Population

As I am sure you have seen (I know I have seen as well as been told) the current population of the network is quite low at an average of 10-12.
This isn't something that I am surprised about or even too worried about as I expected the population to be quite low until we had started to advertise that we're "good to go".

My plan was and still is to keep flying under the "radar" until we have these two new gamemodes up and running as I don't feel Factions and Creative is enough of "wow" factor to entice new players and keep old ones.

So please, if you're still playing and supporting the network know there is a plan and I ask for your patience.

The Future?

Its a pretty simple road-map.
Finish the current gamemodes and start to advertise the network with its wonderful maps, features and players.

My plan is to have the Space Combat ready by the end of the first quarter of 2018 with the Primal Hordez not far behind it.

If you're interested in seeing some of the art assets that have been created so far for the new mode, here is a link to a gallery.

A congratulations to Nitin (_DeadAngel_) and Asec for their promotion to Moderator. Staff applications will not be open until there is a sufficient increase to the active player-base.

Once again, I thank you all for your continued support and I hope we can make 2018 a better year for this network!

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