Staff Results #1

Chalkie VIPMEGA posted Apr 20, 18

Greetings Primals,

Today's post will be celebrating the new staff members as well as the introduction of the new rank known as the Community Guide.

We thank you all for your submission in the April 2018 staff application process, we had lots of great people to choose from and may have gone a little overboard with who we picked.
With out further delay, here are the new Helpers.

  • NoizyBoi
  • MafiaPlayz
  • BigBadSeeker
  • GavinPMC
  • Hackerproo

We were so impressed with the submissions we decided to make a new rank for people we think could have what it takes to be a staff member but just not there yet. This rank is called the Community Guide.

The community guide is a rank given to people who we think could help members of the server with small tasks and information, but are not quite ready for a staff rank.
You can decline the offer to be a guide and it won't affect any future chances to become a staff member, however being an active guide will improve your chance to be chosen next time.

Community Guides are NOT staff members and should not refer to themselves as one, however we expect the same level of respect to be shown to them as you do to normal staff members.

Community Guides have access to;

  • A colored name/rank in game much like Staff Members.
  • Access to a small amount of staff/vip powers such as setting your nickname and prefix.
  • Dedicated channel in discord to speak with staff directly.
  • Access to a small control panel on our website that allows limited moderation with logs. (Kicking, Muting)
  • A preferred status/treatment when staff applications are open again.

The people choosen for this new rank are;

  • LeaveFeedback
  • Corvo
  • Wimber
  • TombolaPlayz
  • Herobrine666
  • Turtle

I asked these new staff members and community guides to contact me via the forums or discord with there in-game name, discord name and website name so we can get their ranks added.

Thank you all again for your continued support, and I hope you worked out the hidden message :)

bengolbari Terra primal can you plz help me if you can help me tomorow 5:00 if someone can help me you will get 3 Common crates
NoEscape Congratsss
KingCharles Congrats eheh