An end of an era

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This post will likely be the last that you see on tagcraftmc for we are moving on from this name...

What Happened?

If you're reading this, I can only assume you know about the server being offline since the start of the year and the original resurrection project.

Since we went EULA friendly last year; we saw a large drop off in players on the network as well as purchases on our store. It got to the point that in late November and early December I told some of higher up staff that if it didn't improve over the Christmas break I'd be shutting the network down.
The Christmas break came and went and we were barely pulling in 20 players at a time and had <1 months worth of running costs in payments from May to December. It was at this point I decided that tagcraftmc would shutdown at the end of January.

During this time, 2marko had made suggestions that he might be interested in trying to revamp the network with a small team of old staff members and other talented people. After hearing that he was serious, I offered to keep the lights on until June 2017. However the network would either have to have enough members playing on it to make it "worthwhile" or enough purchases to fund at-least 50% of running costs.
Things started off fairly well, some old faces came back and everything seemed to be going well for the first few weeks. However this didn't last.

In March we (Ammar, Jeremey and I) started getting questions like; when it is going to be ready? Where are the updates? Curious ourselves, we had a look on the server and noticed that some had been upwards of 35 days with no activity. We thought it was strange but thought some of the work was done off-site. I sent a couple of messages off to 2marko ask him to put out an update when had had some time. 
In the mean time Jeremey and I started working on a Mini Game to add to the network (Wizard Warz (spells, custom 3D modeled wands, icons, hotbar, etc))

Mid April, we were starting to get more questions (some were from people that we're building in the start) about what was going on, where was 2marko etc. We once again checked on the servers and saw that one was online for ~1 month 20 days with no activity.
At this point we tried to get hold of 2marko to ask what was going on but wasn't able to. We weren't sure our selves what was happening with the network.
After a few weeks, 2marko got back in touch with us letting us know he had been dealing with a serious personal matter and wasn't able to do anything server related for quite sometime. The team had no leader, no goals so no work was done.

That kind of left us in a rough spot, we had promised one last "ohh rahhh" but had nothing to show for it. It was at this point we (Ammar, Jeremey and I) decided to put the Mini Game on the back-burner and try to get something going.
We spent around a week working out what would we do, how we would change things and asked the community near the end of April to help us build.
We received quite a few responses from talented builder and work started just over two weeks ago.

What's Next?

Well, as stated above work has already started. Due to the long down time, we will only be opening with a Factions and Creative server. Once we have a small player base, we will see what the community wants next.

The first major change is that we have decided to re-brand. The name tagcraftmc was never meant to be permanent, it was a play on an old faction name (Tag, The Arena Gods) and we (stupidly) stuck craft and mc on the end of it and called it a day.
This time, a little more thought went into it and we decided that our new name will be Terra Primal.

How the factions server works will change as well. In the past, the PvP was based around who had what armor and enchants. This time around we will adding a extra leveling system that provides you with attribute points for each level.
These attribute points can be spent on increasing your health, damage, natural armor or even speed.
If this system goes well, we also hope to implement an add-on to this called Aspects. After reaching a certain level you can choose your Aspect.
Each aspect gives you access to a few skills that will either be passive or activatable via a key combo.

We also want to implement a weapon cosmetic system (would require a resource pack). You would be able to purchase online and/or in game unbreakable diamond swords with custom 3D models (crowbar, baseball bat, etc)

We will be moving the factions back to a single server instance, so all chat and factions data will be shared. The down side to this less modular approach is there will only be a PvP, PvE and rotating Mining World.

Creative will remain pretty much the same, you go there and build what you want.

When Will It Be Done?

That, I can not tell you. I do hope to have it out by mid June. However, work only started two weeks ago and we're pretty much starting from scratch.

Feel free to jump onto our discord ( ), we have a few members on there now. Just be advised that before we go live we will be moving to the new domain, discord etc.
We will have announcements and redirects in place so no one should get lost.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck by us so far and a special thanks goes out to all the people helping with the build process right now.

Please remember before posting that although you may be upset with what has happened, no one is to blame. I won't go into detail what 2marko's personal problem was, but understand it was not something he could have fixed overnight.

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