The End Of A Server

Many years, many memories...

It is with great sadness that we have decided to shut down the server as of 30th Of March 2020.
TagCraftMC and TerraPrimal have been running since the early parts of 2012, that's over 8 years dedicated miners and PVP'ers!
However with changes made to the base game, a lack of drive from our core staff members and dwindling player base we have decided it would be best to end things on a high note.

- Chalkie

Update 01/05/23 - Enjin Shutdown
On the 30th of April 2023 the enjin web platform shutdown resulting it the loss of access to the old website / forums.
We we're able to scrape most of the website via API requests, however we were not able to get everything 😢.

In the downloads section you will see a new link to what we were able to backup including an SQLite DB of the website. The best place to still view the old website would be the wayback links.
Once again, thank you for all the great memories and I hope you all are achieving great things in life... or at the very least having fun!
Feel free to drop into the Terra Primal Discord and say Hi, there is some life left in there 😂.

- Chalkie


If you still want to visit the old website and forums you can, however it won't look the same due to it being on the 'Free' enjin plan.

A Thank You...

The Pillars

The Originals

There are a lot of people who have been instrumental to the success of this server over the past 8+ years, but none of it would have been possible without the people who helped start this as well as stick through it all this time... the pillars of the community.
A special thank you too;

  • CreamPuffz
  • Ammar_Ahmad
  • Blueswill / Blueswill of Borg
  • Miss_StacEy
  • SyberPat
  • Jeremey/Animosity
  • RobbMack
  • momonator4
  • OnePsychoPanda
  • Rahhiiann / Rahhiiann_2
  • cool100
  • Regas
  • GavinPMC

Staff Members

A dedicated server needed dedicated staff

Some of these staff members may no longer be with us, however without their dedication those 8 years might have only been 8 weeks.
A special thank you too.

  • Fiffina
  • Lord Badger / Superbadger09
  • themanrules81
  • Bendak / Bender
  • Onoya / MiiaoErr
  • Mex
  • Madagolex
  • NatsuDragneel
  • Roundu / Rounduboy
  • TropicalKacti
  • ShogunRua
  • SermikeFTW (George)
  • jaymoney53
  • Chairman / _Ch4irman_
  • RedPheinexMist
  • MarkoMKD
  • 2marko
  • Vilusion
  • Skaterguyrr
  • overstock / minesweeper
  • Truly_Daffy
  • Vembryco
  • RhyZen
  • S0faKingCool
  • Ezshen
  • Poisen_1
  • j3tblue
  • Rockmysocks
  • Gregor335 / GregorScar
  • MafiaPlayz
  • ThunderBudyGR
  • Mahdi
  • NoizyBoi
  • CelestePhoenix
  • Hackerproo
  • Aesc
  • Togakure
  • Nitin / _Deadangel_
  • Kleco
  • chau

VIP's & Supporters

Every Cent Counted

Running a server for 100's - 1000's of people for 8+ years isn't cheap, however with the support of people like yourselves donating and purchasing virtual items/ranks you made it a lot more manageable.
Without your support we would not have been able to keep the server running for so long.

The Players

Through the good times and bad

What can I say... without you guys there was no server. You stuck with us for so long, through game mode changes, downtime, a name change end even the 'EULA Apocalypse'.
I am truly happy that I had the opportunity create a world where you could spend your free time and have fun.


Below you can find various maps we have created and used during the years we were live. Some of these maps were concepts or for projects that were never completed. If you do use these maps on your server, please provide credit as a lot of these were created by our talented members.

Alot of these files won't have very descriptive names, so you may have to download a few to find what you're looking for. Just like an easter egg hunt!

Due to the size of the maps (around 50GB) we have them hosted on google drive. This is not free, but the cost is only a few dollars a month so they should be up until no one cares anymore :)

Please do not re-sell/distribute or claim them as your own.

Enjin Shutdown 2023

Faction Maps:

Creative Maps:

Horde Mode / Dimensional Adventures Maps:

KitPvP Maps:

Lobby / Login Maps:

Kingdom Of Ryor / World Of Minecraft Maps:

Space Combat:

Other Maps:

NOTE: Mosts downloads are stored in a .zip with a few in .tar format. To extract the files from them, you will need to install WinRar OR 7zip.

NOTE2: I suggest viewing the folders in list view so you're able to see the entire file names. This can be down by pressing the rectangle view icon in the top right side of the screen.