3, 2, 1... Lets go!

Chalkie VIPADMIN posted Jul 16, 17


No no, you're not seeing things. This is the announcement that states we're finally re-opened.

Now I am sure you're all busting to login so you can build, fight, grief and inevitably complain about something but I'd like you to read what we have to say first.

If you haven't been a part of discord or the seen the website in the last few months, you may be confused at the name change. I wan't to assure you that even though we have re-branded, were still the same friendly, grumpy and egypty staff that you remember.
Although saying that, there have been a few changes to staff, ranks and systems. You're not going to like all the changes, but hey that's life.

Since this is a fresh start not only for the server but as a community, all previous Server & Website bans have been removed. We welcome back those in the past that have broken rule but ask them to not squander this second chance.

We're running MC 1.11.2; if you don't have minecraft already, why not try our new launcher? It's new, improved and even has diffrent color themes! Check it out over at the wiki download section.

Rank Changes

We have decided that we will go back to the older system of ranks. This choice was done for two main reasons:

  • To help fund the network into the future. The old system only generated a single months worth of running cost in 6+ months (that's including donations from people such as Syber_Pat)
  • It was clear from the people who purchased it or were interested in supporting the network were not happy with the cosmetic only rewards.

The new ranks are as follows; VIP, VIPSuper, VIPMega & VIPUltra. The price for these new ranks start at $5.00 USD.
Any ranks previously on TagCraftMC do not carry over to TerraPrimal.

Staff Changes

There are a few small changes to the current staff list.
Any staff that were inactive through out the build phase will be classed as inactive.
Previous Trainees, Helpers, Mods and Admins will have to re-apply for their staff role. This isn't the same as re-submitting your application. More info on this will be released after the first week of the network going live. Take that week to setup your factions and have some fun!

As of writing this, the following people are staff members.


  • Chalkie
  • Ammar_Ahmad
  • Jeremey/Animosity/Pariah
  • Syber_Pat


  • Fifina/fifina98
  • SuperBadger/SuperBadger09
  • Round/Roundu

These people have been active and working within the build phase. They will be reinstated after a week.

  • Nitin/_Deadangel_
  • NatsuDragneel
  • Aesc

Ticket Coordinator

  • Kleco/Peodeo

Social Media Coordinator

  • Angel/OmniscientAngel

System Changes

There are quite a few things that have changed, were replaced or removed. If you think something should be re-added or changed, head on over to our forums and make a suggestion.


  • The Chi System.
    • This is a separate leveling system. When you gain levels in the chi system you gain Chi Attribute Points. These points can be spent on increase stats like Health, Damage and Movement Speed. Speak with the Chi Master in the NPC Manor for more info.
  • Changes to Armor and Weapon Tiers.
    • The armor tier system is now Leather > Iron > Gold > Diamond > Chainmail.
    • The weapon tier system is now Wood > Stone > Iron > Gold > Diamond.
    • These changes effect the items damage, protection level or durability.
    • A full list of what does what now can be found on our Wiki.
  • EnderPearls & God Apples are now on a cooldown.
  • PvP is based on 1.8. More information on the changes can be found on our Wiki.


  • The slot machines are now free. You can just play them for fun.


  • Various changes to make it look nicer.
  • If you're using Adblocker/Ublock we ask that you add our site to the exceptions list. You can still "hide" the ads with the link HIDE ADS on the footer (bottom part of the website)

Special Thanks: A++ Fam Squad

It has to be noted without the following people below, this resurrection wouldn't be possible. With their help, patience and skills you're now able to play on the network.
We thank them and their efforts.

  • Cool100
  • Aph/Aphmau6
  • Mahdi/BigBadSeeker
  • Turtle/noobturtle/TurtleDeity
  • Apocralyph/Aesc
  • Ali_Jaradah
  • Crazel
  • Dark/Lazy_Dark
  • fiffina/fiffina98
  • Corvo
  • oorprekcaH/HackerProo
  • Maow
  • oOReillyOo
  • Roundu
  • HeraldSaltazj/TropicalKacti
  • Nitin
  • MafiaPlayz
  • NatsuDragneel

Have any comments about the network, want to just type Yay or Nay? Let us know below in the comment section.

OmniscientAngel Hope everything goes well, have fun everyone!
Miss_StacEy Good luck with the relaunch i wish u all the best of luck <3
SMM23 Third.This server should be great.